Straubing Airport was founded in the early 1960s by aviation enthusiasts from the region. The area around “Wallmühle”, a mill, was chosen as a location and gave the airport its name. The armed forces helped building a 600m grass runway with appropriate machinery to enable gliding activities with a winch. The lack of hangars forced the pilots to load their gliders onto trailers and to tranport them via unpaved roads. A connection to the road network was not achieved until much later.

Very soon, a at the time brand new Piper 18, landed on the airfield and became the first engined aircraft to do so. A used kiosk was painted in red and white colours and repuposed as tower. Radio communication was not common at the time so pilots were instructed via light signals and coloured panels. Soon the construction of a hangar, gas station and restaurant began. Two clubs were founded to train pilots on both glider and engined aircraft. Furthermore a company settled down servicing and maintaining the aircrafts. Due to Josef Hößl, the german champion in aerobatics at that time, Wallmühle became a center for stunt flying. The aviation days, taking place annually, attracted many visitors and made the aerodrome well known in the industry. About 39,000 aircraft movements were reported per year back then.

In 1972 Straubing-Wallmühle Airport became a limited liability company with the city and the district of Straubing acting as shareholders.

Consequently the aerodrome is handled as a public company with operation obligations. Since the 1970’s until today the areodrome was able to develop continuously due to needs-based expansions. A new tower, restaurant and a hotel were built. The grass runway was extended, widened and fitted with a asphalt layer. Furthermore a lighting system has been installed to enable nightly operations taking place on the aerodrome. This was the time when frequent charter- and businessflying began. Hangars for aircraft storage were built and maintanace companies settle down.

Due to three established high-tech-companys dedicated to aircraft servicing, Straubing has achieved a international top status and reputation. Even businessjets and regional aircraft are fixed or serviced no matter if avionics, propellers or the airframe needs to be taken care of. Newly developed propellers are tested and produced here, as well as navigation systems.

To meet EU-regualations for commercial air traffic, the runway was extended to 1450m (4750 ft) and widened to 30m (100 ft) in 1999. To increase flight safety and reliability in bad weather, a instrument landing system based on satellite navigation (GPS), was installed. By that Straubing got one of the best equipped airfields in Bavaria. Furthermore a commercial flight school and two flight clubs train pilots on gliders as well as engined aircraft. Because of its good equipment and reputation, the airport welcomes many foreign visitors of the east bavarian industry, partially coming from far beyond european borders.

As part of a BP agency, aircraft can be fueled wih AVGAS and JET A1 since 1978. The airport registers approximately 60,000 passengers at about 27,000 takeoffs and landings per year. The share of business traveler is at over 50%. In 11 hangars, more than 100 aircraft are stationed in Straubing.

With more than 210 employees at or around the airpot and the variety of possibilities for all kinds of air traffic, Straubing-Wallmühle has achieved an important position for the region.

Straubing-Wallmühle is THE aviation center in east bavaria for manufacturing, maintanance, business flights and pilot training. The location offers many opportunities for the future that will be supported by the airport.